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Hairstyles for Children – Simple, Yet Stylish Hairdos for Minors

Hairstyles for kids are good when done in simple cuts. These not only ensure comfort to the children, but also become easily manageable. There are many easy haircuts that can be tried out on your children, to give that appropriate groomed look.


Hairstyles for Children - Keep them Short and Simple

Undoubtedly, short haircuts are good hairstyles for children, as they are easy to manage and look well groomed. Crew cut, Caesar style, and short spikes are good for young boys, wherein pixie cuts, ponytails, English braids, French braids, and bob haircuts are easy on girls.While choosing hairstyles for children ensure that they are easy on their hair, and that it does not mess up their hair even while indulging in active sports or while playing around with the hair. Always teach them to brush the hair gently. For young guys, Caesar cut with short hair brushed forward is the best. Crew cuts and spikes are great for active young boys. Also try bowl cuts for a smarter look.

Hairstyles for Little Girls - Cute and Sophisticated Haircuts

Hairstyles for little girls can be simple or sophisticated. Those with long hair can go for low ponytails or buns. Ponytails variations are the most sought after with its many variations. Short hair cuts are ideal for girls who are sporty and active. For girls with curly, hair, cut it short, and tie a cute ponytail. As curly hair are difficult to manage, use clips to hold the hair in the crown, and leave the back hair loose. Pixie haircuts frame the face. Bob haircuts are quite common, and are easy to maintain and wash. For those girls with long hair, hair braids are the best. These hairstyles for little girls can be accessorized with colorful hair clips, bows, or barrettes.

Ponytail Hairstyles - Ruling the World of Girls' Coiffures

Ponytail hairstyles are the most favored among the hairstyles of little girls, and is always in vogue. They look good on straight, curly and wavy hair. They can have many variations, like side ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, half ponytails, and also two ponytails on the sides. These can be tied with beautiful ribbons, scrunchies or bows. It provides a more chic appearance. To jazz up the look, beautiful hair accessories can be used. Ponytail hairstyles with bangs on the sides quite stand out from the rest. More than one ponytail gives a more cuter look, wherein a high ponytail gives a sporty look. In addition, ponytails can be tied at different head positions to create varied looks.Photo Source :

Written by Lucy King

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