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Italian Shoe – Varieties from the Fashionistas

Italian shoes offer a wide variety of styles that suit all fashion requirements. All footwear brands from Italy are made of fine leather, quality workmanship and exquisite designs.

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Italian Shoe - Combines Fashion and Comfort

Fashion specialists are always on the lookout for the latest in Italian shoe designs. Each pair is created using traditional shoe manufacturing process. The stylish footwear ranks no. 1 worldwide in design and quality. All Italian shoe designs are executed with the finest materials. The stylish footwear successfully combines fashion and comfort. It uses the softest leather along with the fashion season’s colors and details. There are various styles available for every occasion. There are comfortable shoes that can be worn to work, a stylish set for going out, soft shoes for driving, and a casual pair for daily wear. For men the styles can range from classic loafers to athletic shoes, while women can look elegant in high heeled pumps, sandals and espadrilles.

Italian Boots - Practical Yet Very Classy

Individuals who wish look to fashionable and smart can slip on a pair of Italian boots. The elegant footwear comes in various styles. The ankle length boot can look very chic when worn with jeans and coat. The ideal Italian boots for the cold weather, the rich suede material and impressive details keep the feet warm while looking very classy. Another practical all-weather pair is Kink boots, made of distressed leather and metallic sheen. In sturdy water proof soles, some styles come with interesting laze up details. Butler boots brings back the western appeal of this practical footwear. With casual stacked heels and hidden side zipper, it is very durable and perfect for everyday wear.

Italian Heels - A Fashion Staple

Women can add a few inches to their height with Italian heels. Sexy heels are considered a staple in a fashionable woman's wardrobe. A pair of stiletto Gucci boots worn with jeans is enough to draw attention to the wearer’s long legs. A short skirt can look just as sexy when worn with high-heeled Fendi sandals. Stylish Italian heels give the feet a soft feminine look, assuring utmost comfort from the toes all the way to the heels. The term “stiletto” is actually an Italian term for a metal dagger. Stiletto shoes come with 5-mm diameter heels. Depending on the wearer, the height can go as high as five inches. Luxury brands like Ferragamo, Tod’s, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana are synonymous to stunning designs, good quality and fine craftsmanship.

Written by Troy Nelson

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