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Jewellery Brands – Famous Names of Jewelers

Famous jewelers are well known for their impeccable taste, high quality and precise work. Fashionable people, celebrities and royalty are attracted to the class and quality which is found in the beautiful and exclusive pieces that are made by renowned jewelers.


Jewellery Brands - Exquisite Jewelry

There are many famous jewellery brands in the world. One of the most famous brands is the French brand Cartier. Cartier manufactures beautiful watches and jewellery. The luxury diamonds produced by Cartier have been worn by style icons such as the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. Tiffany and Company is also one of the most renowned jewellery brands. Their sterling diamond and silver jewellery was popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the Hollywood film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Tiffany and Company is a brand which is also known to produce beautiful jewellery at very reasonable prices. Some of their jewellery items are available for under two hundred and fifty dollars.

Jewellery Manufacturer - Style with Quality

Some of the classiest vintage jewellery producers are Barclay, Trifari, Coro and Harry Iskin. Their products comprise of both sterling as well as gold filled jewellery pieces available in the most exquisite designs. Other well known manufacturers are Oscar Hyman and Stuller. Oscar Hyman is famous jewellery manufacturer amongst the high end jewellery buyers. The products of this company are superb in their well matched gemstones, finishing work, technical work and design. Oscar Hyman makes bracelets, rings etc with diamonds as well as beautifully cut as well as coloured high quality gems. Stuller is a retail jewellery manufacturer, renowned for its high quality jewelry.

Jewelry Companies - Pioneers Of Jewelry

Designer jewelry is a very popular fashion trend. There are plenty of jewelry companies which offer a wide selection of very unique designer jewelry pieces. One of the well known jewelry companies is DiGem. This company not only sells jewelry directly but also serves independent jewelers. Another well known jewelry company is Helzberg. Helzberg is renowned for its fine, high quality jewelry pieces. Jewelry Central is a jewelry company which provides an extensive range of jewelry at an affordable range, thus catering to middle budget customers as well. It is an online jewelry hub, and provides comprehensive information on jewelry which is very important when you are trying to choose the perfect piece.

Written by Lucy King

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