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Rocker Clothes – Reliving a Rebellious Fashion Trend

The edgy fashion of rocker clothing style as revealed through its signature dog collars and safety pins has been known for its stunningly rebellious punk appeal. The captivating expression of individuality is generally manifested through the plaid shirts, tattered denims, and studded accessories.


Rocker Clothes - Overview of Punk Fashion

The unruly yet modish rocker clothes for men usually make use of black-colored plaid shirts paired with ripped jeans and boots or high-top sneakers, while women normally opt for skirts, fishnet stockings along with high-heeled boots. Most common accessories matched with these rocker clothes are studded embellishing items such as belts, cuff, dog collars, chokers, as well as fingerless gloves. In terms of makeup, they typically highlight the black color, which signifies their rebellious fashion style. This can be found on their black nails, lipstick, and heavy eyeliners. Finally, the hair typically donned by these rockers is heavily hair-sprayed spiky or face-hiding hairstyle.

Rocker Costume - 1980s Punk Trend

The generic punk style can be shown off through the use of shredded clothes and a towering mo-hawk hairstyle. Black clothes are usually worn along with spiky jewelry and safety pins. Another classical rocker costume is the Siouxsie Sioux-inspired style, which is marked by the singer’s dramatic appeal through her pale skin, bright lips, and teased jet-black hair. Her clothing style is famous for its heavy black accent adorned with lace, sparkle, and other occult accessories, paired with black boots. Billy Idol costume, on the other hand, consists of black studded leather coat and a pair of skintight jeans, while The Ramones rocker costume involves clingy T-shirts along with shrunken leather jackets, ripped skintight jeans, black shaggy hairstyle, and round-framed sunglasses.

Rocker Clothing - Modish Styles

The rebellious rocker clothing style can also be revealed through the British and Skater punks. British punk fashion includes t-shirts with anarchist slogans, torn jeans, tartan bondage pants, or shirt skirts with strip bondage as well as ripped fishnet stockings and haphazardly placed zippers, safety pins, and other accessories. The skater punk rocker clothing style, on the other hand, is popular for its plaid shirts, fully-zipped hoodies printed with skater logos, and baggy or torn jeans and skate footwear. Usually, these are enhanced with low-slung shorts and belts as well as creepers. Finally, the emo punk clothes consist of tight-fitting shirts printed with band names and other 70s or 80s icons, skinny jeans, low-slung belts with studs as well as ragged skate shoes or black sneakers.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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